Smith Enetrprise - Bad information, arrogant owner, insulting

Tallahassee, Florida 0 comments
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Worst experience with an aftermarket parts dealer EVER!Parts description totally wrong on his website.Completely unacceptable and insulting customer service from owner.

Careful what you ask Ron Smith, he will not shut his face long enough for you to say anything - likes the sound of his own voice, I guess. Do not rely on ANY information presented in his sh*tty website. He obviously does not read it himself before he posts. Asked for technical help and the mexican he has working for him answering the phones has NO clue, but is happy to give bad information.

The owner is too arrogant to admit his mistake and make the required correction.

Do yourself a favor - bypass him and go straight to Fulton Armory for M14 / M1A parts.What a P.O.S.!

Review about: Website Information.

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